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  • Fiscal, distributional and efficiency impacts of land and property taxes

    Coleman, Andrew; Grimes, Arthur (Routledge, 2010)
    Land taxes are known to be amongst the most efficient forms of taxation, as land is an immobile factor; property (capital value) taxes are less efficient owing to the tax on improvements. However there is little international ...
  • Homeownership, social capital and parental voice in schooling

    Grimes, Arthur; Stillman, Steven; Young, Chris (Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust, 2011)
    We investigate the effects of homeownership on parents‟ involvement in local school elections. We use 2007 New Zealand school board of trustees data to examine whether schools where parents have high rates of homeownership ...
  • Homeownership, social capital and satisfaction with local government

    Roskruge, Matthew James; Grimes, Arthur; McCann, Philip; Poot, Jacques (Sage, 2013)
    Prior studies suggest that homeownership positively impacts on social capital formation. However, many studies find it difficult to control adequately for selection effects in the form of factors, some of which may be ...
  • Housing supply, land costs and price adjustment

    Grimes, Arthur; Aitken, Andrew (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009)
    We analyze relationships between housing supply elasticities, land costs and house price dynamics, contributing three main insights. First, higher housing supply elasticities help contain short-run price spikes following ...
  • Infrastructure new findings for New Zealand

    Grimes, Arthur (The Institute for Policy Studies, 2010)
    Infrastructure is a crucial input into economic production, and provision of infrastructure is a key avenue through which government may materially raise economic productivity. Recognising the importance of infrastructure ...