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  • Override and update

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (Elsevier BV, 2021)
    Override and update are natural constructions for combining partial functions, which arise in various program specification contexts. We use an unexpected connection with combinatorial geometry to provide a complete finite ...
  • Partial maps with domain and range: extending Schein's representation

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (Taylor & Francis, 2009)
    The semigroup of all partial maps on a set under the operation of composition admits a number of operations relating to the domain and range of a partial map. Of particular interest are the operations R and L returning the ...
  • Semigroups with if-then-else and halting programs

    Jackson, Marcel; Stokes, Tim E. (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2009)
    The "if–then–else" construction is one of the most elementary programming commands, and its abstract laws have been widely studied, starting with McCarthy. Possibly, the most obvious extension of this is to include the ...