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  • Doing hope ... together, in everyday living and in counseling research

    Kotzé, Elmarie (Nova Science Publishers, 2017)
    This chapter describes the practices of doing hope together in a kaleidoscope of personal and professional narratives woven into and between people’s lives. Narrative therapy practices such as compassionate witnessing and ...
  • The "F" word: The challenge of feminism and the practice of counselling twenty years on

    Wright, Jeannie; Webb, Sue; Sullivan-Thompson, Patricia; Kotzé, Elmarie; Crocket, Kathie; Cornforth, Sue; Blanchard, Nan (New Zealand Association of Counsellors, 2008)
    This article revisions feminist thinking from the point of view of seven practitioners/researchers currently working in New Zealand. It arises from embodied pain, passionate commitments, and a shared curiosity about ...
  • Gender discourse, awareness, and alternative responses for men in everyday living

    Gaddis, Stephen; Kotzé, Elmarie; Crocket, Kathie (New Zealand Association of Counsellors, 2007)
    In this paper, the authors use examples from their experiences to explore the nuances and complexities of contemporary gender practices. They draw on discourse and positioning theories to identify the ways in which culturally ...
  • "I cannot see my way clear. I cannot see the blackboard": Deconstructing personal failure stories

    Kotzé, Elmarie; Moneypenny, Paula Dian (New Zealand Association of Counsellors, 2014)
    In this article, a failure identity story of a student counsellor is deconstructed. Self-data on the experiences of her six-year-old self in a school were generated through an outsider witness ceremony, as suggested by ...
  • In the wake of violence: Enacting and witnessing hope among people

    Kotzé, Elmarie; Hulme, Thérèse; Geldenhuys, Tertius; Weingarten, Kaethe (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)
    In the territory of violence and despair, hope is rare. Recent work on hope has shifted attention from hope as a feeling to hope as a practice that people can do together. This case report of a family exposed to domestic ...