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  • From mainstream to manaaki: Indigenising our approach to immigration

    Kukutai, Tahu; Rata, Arama (Bridget Williams Books, 2017)
    In recent years, discontent with migration and migrants in the wealthy global north has manifested in disturbing ways: cue Brexit, xenophobia, border paranoia, far-right nationalism and its bedfellow white supremacy. On ...
  • Good data practices for indigenous data sovereignty and governance

    Lovett, Raymond; Lee, Vanessa; Kukutai, Tahu; Cormack, Donna; Rainie, Stephanie; Walker, Jennifer (Institute of Network Cultures, 2019)
    Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) and Indigenous Data Governance (IDG) art terms increasingly being used across community, research, policy and in practice. The IDS movement has emerged in response to poor data practices, ...
  • Here to stay: Reshaping the regions through mana Māori

    Simmonds, Naomi Beth; Kukutai, Tahu; Ryks, John (Massey University Press, 2016)
    Situated 65 kilometres south-east of Hamilton, Putāruru (population 3747 in the 2013 Census) is typical of the many farming service towns scattered across rural Aotearoa New Zealand. Bakeries, op shops, a sports bar and a ...
  • Indigenous data sovereignty

    Rainie, Stephanie Carroll; Kukutai, Tahu; Walter, Maggie; Figueroa-Rodríguez, Oscar Luis; Walker, Jennifer; Axelsson, Per (African Minds and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), 2019)
    • Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) has emerged as an important topic over the last three years, raising fundamental questions about assumptions of ownership, representation, and control in open data communities. • IDS ...
  • Indigenous data sovereignty

    Kukutai, Tahu; Carroll, Stephanie Russo; Walter, Maggie (IWGIA, 2020)
    Indigenous Peoples have always been ‘data warriors’. Our ancient traditions recorded and protected information and knowledge through art, carving, song, chants and other practises. Deliberate efforts to expunge these ...