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  • Charles Peirce's limit concept of truth

    Legg, Catherine (2014)
    This talk will present and explore Charles Peirce’s account of truth as “the opinion which is fated to be agreed to by all who investigate”. This account is arguably more objectivist than accounts of truth in terms of ...
  • Commentary on “An alternative to working on machine consciousness”, by Aaron Sloman

    Legg, Catherine (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2009)
    A commentary on a current paper by Aaron Sloman where he argues that in order to make progress in AI, consciousness (and other such unclear concepts of common-sense regarding the mind), "should be replaced by more precise ...
  • Epistemic particularism

    Legg, Catherine (2011)
    In the last few decades virtue ethicists have profoundly reassessed the goals and theories of mainstream ethics. The traditional focus on whether individual acts are right or wrong has been at least supplemented by discussion ...
  • Extension, intension and dormitive virtue

    Legg, Catherine (University of Massachusetts Press, 1999)
    Would be fairer to call Peirce’s philosophy of language “extensionalist” or “intensionalist”? The extensionalisms of Carnap and Quine are examined, and Peirce’s view is found to be prima facie similar, except for his ...
  • The hardness of the iconic must: Can Peirce’s existential graphs assist modal epistemology?

    Legg, Catherine (2009-12)
    The current of development in 20th century logic bypassed Peirce’s existential graphs, but recently much good work has been done by formal logicians excavating the graphs from Peirce’s manuscripts, regularizing them and ...