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  • Biomass estimation of invasive fish

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Brijs, Jeroen; Daniel, Adam Joshua; Morgan, Dai K.J.; Ling, Nicholas (Lake Ecosystem Restoration New Zealand (LERNZ) & Department of Conservation, 2015)
    Invasive fish have a variety of effects on indigenous fish communities and freshwater ecosystems generally, and the magnitude of these effects is partly dependent on invasive fish biomass. For example, a koi carp biomass ...
  • Boat electrofishing survey of the lower Waikato River and its tributaries

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Ling, Nicholas; Osborne, Matthew W.; Bell, Dudley G.; Ring, C. Alex (University of Waikato, 2005)
    We conducted the first electrofishing boat survey of the lower Waikato River and its tributaries between 8 and 15 February 2005. We caught 2,915 fish comprising seven introduced and six native fish species in 5.63 km of ...
  • Boat electrofishing survey of the upper Turitea Reservoir, Palmerston North.

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Brijs, Jeroen; Bell, Dudley G.; Ling, Nicholas; Blair, Jennifer Marie; Powrie, Warrick (2009)
    The upper Turitea Reservoir is a 12-ha reservoir that supplies water to the city of Palmerston North (Figure 1). It was constructed in 1957 and is located in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges at 40.43208°S, 175,67669°E. ...
  • Comparing plasma and faecal measures of steroid hormones in Adelie penguins Pygoscelis adeliae

    Ninnes, Calum Edward; Waas, Joseph R.; Ling, Nicholas; Nakagawa, Shinichi; Banks, Jonathan C.; Bell, Dudley G.; Bright, A.; Carey, P.W.; Chandler, J.; Hudson, Q.J.; Ingram, J.R.; Lyall, K.; Morgan, Dai K.J.; Stevens, Mark I.; Wallace, J.; Möstl, E. (Springer, 2010)
    Physiological measurements of both stress and sex hormones are often used to estimate the consequences of natural or human-induced change in ecological studies of various animals. Different methods of hormone measurement ...
  • Conservation status of New Zealand freshwater fish, 2009

    Allibone, Richard; David, Bruno O.; Hitchmough, Rodney; Jellyman, Donald; Ling, Nicholas; Ravenscroft, Peter; Waters, Jonathan (Taylor & Francis Group, 2010)
    The threat status of 74 freshwater and estuarine fish present in New Zealand was determined. Fifty-one native taxa were ranked of which 67% were considered Threatened or At Risk. A single species was classified as Extinct, ...