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  • An algorithm for compositional nonblocking verification of extended finite-state machines

    Mohajerani, Sahar; Malik, Robi; Fabian, Martin (IFAC, 2014)
    This paper describes an approach for compositional nonblocking verification of discrete event systems modelled as extended finite-state machines (EFSM). Previous results about finite-state machines in lock-step synchronisation ...
  • Automated deduction of finite-state control programs for reactive systems

    Malik, Robi (Springer, Berlin, 1998)
    We propose an approach towards the automatic synthesis of finite-state reactive control programs from purely declarative, logic specifications of their requirements. More precisely, if P is a set of propositional temporal ...
  • A case study in verification of UML statecharts: the PROFIsafe protocol

    Malik, Robi; Muhlfeld, R. (Institute for Information Processing and Computer Supported a, 2003)
    We discuss our experience obtained during the PROFIsafe verification and test case generation project at Siemens Corporate Technology. In this project, a formal analysis of the PROFIsafe protocol for failsafe communication ...
  • Certainly Unsupervisable States

    Ware, Simon; Malik, Robi; Mohajerani, Sahar; Fabian, Martin (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
    This paper proposes an abstraction method for compositional synthesis. Synthesis is a method to automatically compute a control program or supervisor that restricts the behaviour of a given system to ensure safety and ...
  • A compositional approach for verifying generalized nonblocking

    Malik, Robi; Leduc, Ryan (IEEE, 2009)
    This paper proposes a compositional approach to verify the generalised nonblocking property of discrete-event systems. Generalised nonblocking is introduced in to overcome weaknesses of the standard nonblocking check in ...