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  • The efficacy of path loss models for fixed rural wireless links

    Phillips, Caleb; Raynel, Scott McKenzie; Curtis, James; Bartels, Samuel James; Sicker, Douglas; Grunwald, Dirk; McGregor, Anthony James (Springer, 2011)
    In this paper we make use of a large set of measurements from a production wireless network in rural New Zealand to analyze the performance of 28 path loss prediction models, published over the course of 60 years. We propose ...
  • Flow clustering using machine learning techniques

    McGregor, Anthony James; Hall, Mark A.; Lorier, Perry; Brunskill, James (Springer, 2004)
    Packet header traces are widely used in network analysis. Header traces are the aggregate of traffic from many concurrent applications. We present a methodology, based on machine learning, that can break the trace down ...
  • High precision traffic measurement by the WAND research group

    Cleary, John G.; Graham, Ian; McGregor, Anthony James; Pearson, Murray W.; Siedins, Ilze; Curtis, James; Donnelly, Stephen F.; Martens, Jed; Martin, Stele (Department of Computer Science, 1999-12)
    Over recent years the size and capacity of the Internet has continued its exponential growth driven by new applications and improving network technology. These changes are particularly significant in the New Zealand context ...
  • Improving the performance of HTTP over high bandwidth-delay product circuits

    McGregor, Anthony James; Pearson, Murray W.; Cleary, John G. (2001)
    As the WWW continues to grow, providing adequate bandwidth to countries remote from the geographic and topological center of the network, such as those in the Asia/Pacific, becomes more and more difficult. To meet the ...
  • In-kernel passive measurement of the performance impact of hidden terminals in 802.11 wireless networks

    Raynel, Scott McKenzie; McGregor, Anthony James (ACM, 2011)
    The negative performance impact of the presence of hidden terminals in wireless networks has been well know for decades. Despite much research in the area, many deployed networks continue to suffer a performance penalty ...