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  • Reflections on a collaborative adult literacy and numeracy action enquiry

    McKim, Anne M.; Wright, Noeline (Routlege, 2012)
    This paper reports and reflects on a collaborative and multi-layered action enquiry project in the New Zealand polytechnic sector. In the context of widespread national professional development centred on adult literacy ...
  • Threshold concepts: Impacts on teaching and learning at tertiary level

    Peter, Mira; Harlow, Ann; Scott, Jonathan B.; McKie, David; Johnson, E. Marcia; Moffat, Kirstine; McKim, Anne M. (2014)
    This project explored teaching and learning of hard-to-learn threshold concepts in first-year English, an electrical engineering course, leadership courses, and in doctoral writing. The project was envisioned to produce ...
  • War of words: Daniel Defoe and the 1707 Union

    McKim, Anne M. (Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, 2008)
    The Union of Scotland and England on 1 May 1707 was – and for some still is – undoubtedly contentious. This essay takes a close look at the language Defoe employed in his History of the Union, the language of persuasion, ...