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  • Human-competitive automatic topic indexing

    Medelyan, Olena (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    Topic indexing is the task of identifying the main topics covered by a document. These are useful for many purposes: as subject headings in libraries, as keywords in academic publications and as tags on the web. Knowing a ...
  • Human-competitive tagging using automatic keyphrase extraction

    Medelyan, Olena; Frank, Eibe; Witten, Ian H. (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2009)
    This paper connects two research areas: automatic tagging on the web and statistical keyphrase extraction. First, we analyze the quality of tags in a collaboratively created folksonomy using traditional evaluation techniques. ...
  • Integrating Cyc and Wikipedia: Folksonomy meets rigorously defined common-sense

    Medelyan, Olena; Legg, Catherine (2008)
    Integration of ontologies begins with establishing mappings between their concept entries. We map categories from the largest manually-built ontology, Cyc, onto Wikipedia articles describing corresponding concepts. Our ...
  • Measuring inter-indexer consistency using a thesaurus

    Medelyan, Olena; Witten, Ian H. (ACM, 2006)
    When professional indexers independently assign terms to a given document, the term sets generally differ between indexers. Studies of inter-indexer consistency measure the percentage of matching index terms, but none of ...
  • Mining Domain-Specific Thesauri from Wikipedia: A case study

    Milne, David N.; Medelyan, Olena; Witten, Ian H. (IEEE Computer Society, 2006)
    Domain-specific thesauri are high-cost, high-maintenance, high-value knowledge structures. We show how the classic thesaurus structure of terms and links can be mined automatically from Wikipedia. In a comparison with a ...