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  • Isolation, Structural Determination and Acute Toxicity of Pinnatoxins E, F and G

    Selwood, Andrew I.; Miles, Christopher O.; Wilkins, Alistair L.; van Ginkel, Roel; Munday, Rex; Rise, Frode; McNabb, Paul (American Chemical Society, 2010)
    Pinnatoxins and pteriatoxins are a group of cyclic imine toxins that have hitherto only been isolated from Japanese shellfish. As with other cyclic imine shellfish toxins, pinnatoxins cause rapid death in the mouse bioassay ...
  • Metal complexes of sporidesmin D and dimethylgliotoxin, investigated by electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry

    Woodcock, Jane C.; Henderson, William; Miles, Christopher O.; Nicholson, Brian K. (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2001-04-01)
    Electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry (ES-MS) has been used to probe the coordination chemistry of metabolites such as sporidesmin D (spdD), found in the saprophytic fungus Pithomyces chartarum, and the related ...
  • New esters of okadaic acid in seawater and blue mussels (Mytilus edulis)

    Torgersen, Trine; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Roundberget, Thomas; Miles, Christopher O. (American Chemical Society, 2008)
    Marine algal toxins of the okadaic acid (OA) group can occur as diol esters and sulfated diol esters in algae and as fatty acid esters in shellfish. Several of these ester forms have been identified, but the most common ...
  • Preparative enzymatic synthesis of glucuronides of zearalenone and five of its metabolites

    Stevenson, David E.; Hansen, Richard P.; Loader, Jared I.; Jensen, Dwayne J.; Cooney, Janine M.; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Miles, Christopher O. (American Chemical Society, 2008)
    The resorcylic acid lactones zearalenone (1), α-zearalenol (2), β-zearalenol (3), α-zearalanol (zeranol) (4), β-zearalanol (taleranol) (5), and zearalanone (6) were converted to their glucuronides on a preparative scale ...
  • Semisynthesis of S-Desoxybrevetoxin-B2 and Brevetoxin-B2, and Assessment of Their Acute Toxicities

    Selwood, Andrew I.; van Ginkel, Roel; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Munday, Rex; Ramsdell, John S.; Jensen, Dwayne J.; Cooney, Janine M.; Miles, Christopher O. (American Chemical Society, 2008)
    animals and people consuming seafood. Brevetoxin-B2 (5) is a toxic metabolite produced in shellfish exposed to algae that contain brevetoxin-B (1). S-Desoxybrevetoxin-B2 (4) has been proposed as a cometabolite produced ...