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  • Good friendships improve our lives. But can virtual friendships be good?

    Munn, Nicholas; Weijers, Dan M. (2021)
    Good friendships improve our lives. But philosophers, psychologists, and other social scientists disagree about the nature of friendship and the value of virtual friendships. Recent technological advances and global crises ...
  • [n] infants, [n] votes

    Munn, Nicholas (2016)
    The inclusive presumption suggests that we should only disenfranchise those whose inclusion will undermine democratic values. Most people think we ought not to enfranchise infants. What harm would enfranchised infants do ...
  • Playing right: Some virtual wrongs are real wrongs

    Munn, Nicholas (2019)
    Many computer games ask us to act in ways which would be morally unconscionable, were we to so act in the physical world. Within the game world, these actions are seen as unproblematic. As such, simple translations of ...
  • Political inclusion as a means of generating Justice for children

    Munn, Nicholas (University of Minho, 2020)
    I argue that the position of children can be improved by ensuring them political representation, through inclusion in democratic processes. Embedding children as equal participants in democratic processes is likely to ...
  • Technology as cause of and solution to the empathy problem

    Weijers, Dan M.; Munn, Nicholas (The Committee for Communication and Media Theory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2021)
    For decades, Sherry Turkle has explored the risks and opportunities of technology for people, relationships, and society. In The Second Self (1984), Turkle emphasised the positive potential of digital technologies and ...