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  • Libtrace: A packet capture and analysis library

    Alcock, Shane; Lorier, Perry; Nelson, Richard (ACM, 2012)
    This paper introduces libtrace, an open-source software library for reading and writing network packet traces. Libtrace offers performance and usability enhancements compared to other libraries that are currently used. We ...
  • Measuring and characterising inbound sessions in residential DSL traffic

    Alcock, Shane; Nelson, Richard (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers., 2011)
    It has been assumed that the need for successful NAT traversal discourages residential DSL users from running services or applications that require them to accept connections from remote hosts. However, there are now ...
  • Measuring the impact of the copyright amendment act on New Zealand residential DSL users

    Alcock, Shane; Nelson, Richard (Elsevier, 2012)
    The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 (CAA) is a New Zealand law that aims to provide copyright holders with legal recourse when content is illegally shared over the Internet. This paper presents a ...
  • Passive detection of TCP congestion events

    Alcock, Shane; Nelson, Richard (IEEE, 2011)
    Detailed passive analysis of TCP sender behaviour requires accurate identification of congestion events. Previous tools that attempt to provide such information do not incorporate the behaviour of recent operating systems ...
  • Scalable architecture for prefix preserving anonymization of IP addresses

    Blake, Anthony Martin; Nelson, Richard (Springer, 2008)
    This paper describes a highly scalable architecture based on field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) technology for prefix-preserving anonymization of IP addresses at increasingly high network line rates. The Crypto-PAn ...