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  • INTERACTING with sketched interface designs: an evaluation study

    Plimmer, Beryl; Apperley, Mark (ACM Press, 2004)
    Digital hand-drawn sketches provide a new and unique way of interacting with a prototype user interface design while it is still rendered as a sketch. The successful use of prototypes and scenarios for exploring design ...
  • Making paperless work

    Plimmer, Beryl; Apperley, Mark (ACM, 2007)
    Despite well documented advantages, attempts to go truly "paperless" seldom succeed. This is principally because computer-based paperless systems typically do not support all of the affordances of paper, nor the work process ...
  • Software for students to sketch interface designs

    Plimmer, Beryl; Apperley, Mark (ACM Press, 2003)
    This paper describes the development and evaluation of an electronic sketch environment for interface design. The tool provides a pen-based interface on an electronic whiteboard for designing Visual Basic forms, it is ...
  • Using shared displays to support group design; A study of the use of informal user interface designs when learning to program

    Plimmer, Beryl (The University of Waikato, 2004)
    Hand-drawn sketches have traditionally been used to depict design ideas because they are quick to draw and can include as much or little detail as is required to convey the essence of the ideas. Computer tools are now an ...