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  • Determination of ribonuclease sequence-specificity using Pentaprobes and mass spectrometry

    McKenzie, Joanna Leigh; Duyvestyn, Johanna Maria; Smith, Tony C.; Bendak, Katerina; Mackay, Joel P.; Cursons, Raymond T.; Cook, Gregory M.; Arcus, Vickery L. (RNA Society, 2012)
    The VapBC toxin-antitoxin (TA) family is the largest of nine identified TA families. The toxin, VapC, is a metal-dependent ribonuclease that is inhibited by its cognate antitoxin, VapB. Although the VapBCs are the largest ...
  • Exploration of association rule mining for coding consistency and completeness assessment in inpatient administrative health data.

    Peng, Mingkai; Sundararajan, Vijaya; Williamson, Tyler; Minty, Evan P.; Smith, Tony C.; Doktorchik, Chelsea T.A.; Quan, Hude (2018)
    OBJECTIVE: Data quality assessment is a challenging facet for research using coded administrative health data. Current assessment approaches are time and resource intensive. We explored whether association rule mining (ARM) ...
  • Fast convergence with a greedy tag-phrase dictionary

    Peeters, Ross; Smith, Tony C. (1997-11)
    The best general-purpose compression schemes make their gains by estimating a probability distribution over all possible next symbols given the context established by some number of previous symbols. Such context models ...
  • Introducing machine learning concepts with WEKA.

    Smith, Tony C.; Frank, Eibe (2016)
    This chapter presents an introduction to data mining with machine learning. It gives an overview of various types of machine learning, along with some examples. It explains how to download, install, and run the WEKA data ...
  • Investigating the usability of social networking sites for teenagers with autism

    Bahiss, Khadija; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Smith, Tony C. (ACM, 2011)
    Teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tend to be socially isolated due to the interpersonal challenges of autism, yet they enjoy using computers. This study investigated the hypothesis that social networking sites ...