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  • Connexin36 knockout mice display increased sensitivity to pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure-like behaviors

    Jacobson, Gregory M.; Voss, Logan J.; Melin, Sofia M.; Mason, Jonathan P.; Cursons, Raymond T.; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Sleigh, James W. (Elsevier, 2010)
    Large-scale synchronous firing of neurons during seizures is modulated by electrotonic coupling between neurons via gap junctions. To explore roles for connexin36 (Cx36) gap junctions in seizures, we examined the seizure ...
  • A continuum model for the dynamics of the phase transition from slow-wave sleep to REM sleep

    Sleigh, James W.; Wilson, Marcus T.; Voss, Logan J.; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Li, Xiaoli (Springer, 2010)
    Previous studies have shown that activated cortical states (awake and rapid eye-movement (REM) sleep), are associated with increased cholinergic input into the cerebral cortex. However, the mechanisms that underlie the ...
  • Cortical entropy changes with general anaesthesia: theory and experiment

    Sleigh, James W.; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Grant, C.; Ludbrook, G. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2004)
    Commonly used general anaesthetics cause a decrease in the spectral entropy of the electroencephalogram as the patient transits from the conscious to the unconscious state. Although the spectral entropy is a configurational ...
  • Cortical patterns and gamma genesis are modulated by reversal potentials and gap-junction diffusion

    Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Wilson, Marcus T.; Sleigh, James W. (Springer, 2010)
    In this chapter we describe a continuum model for the cortex that includes both axon-to-dendrite chemical synapses and direct neuron-to-neuron gap-junction diffusive synapses. The effectiveness of chemical synapses is ...
  • Dense gap-junction connections support dynamic Turing structures in the cortex

    Steyn-Ross, D. Alistair; Steyn-Ross, Moira L.; Wilson, Marcus T.; Sleigh, James W. (BioMed Central Ltd, 2007-07)
    The recent report by Fukuda et al [1] provides convincing evidence for dense gap-junction connectivity between inhibitory neurons in the cat visual cortex, each neuron making 60 +/- 12 gap-junction dendritic connections ...