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  • Constellations and their relationship with categories

    Gould, Victoria; Stokes, Tim E. (Springer, 2017)
    Constellations are partial algebras that are one-sided generalisations of categories. Indeed, we show that a category is exactly a constellation that also satisfies the left-right dual axioms. Constellations have previously ...
  • Constellations with range and IS-categories

    Gould, Victoria; Stokes, Tim E. (2022)
    Constellations are asymmetric generalisations of categories. Although they are not required to possess a notion of range, many natural examples do. These include commonly occurring constellations related to concrete ...
  • D-semigroups and constellations

    Stokes, Tim E. (Springer, 2017)
    In a result generalising the Ehresmann–Schein–Nambooripad Theorem relating inverse semigroups to inductive groupoids, Lawson has shown that Ehresmann semigroups correspond to certain types of ordered (small) categories he ...
  • Domain and range operations in semigroups and rings

    Stokes, Tim E. (Taylor and Francis, 2015)
    A D-semigroup S is a semigroup equipped with an operation D satisfying laws asserting that for a ∈ S, D(a) is the smallest e in some set of idempotents U ⊆ S for which ea = a. D-semigroups correspond to left-reduced ...
  • The effect of surface tension on free surface flow induced by a point sink in a fluid of finite depth

    Hocking, Graeme Charles; Nguyen, H.H.N.; Stokes, Tim E.; Forbes, L.K. (Elsevier Ltd, 2017)
    Solutions are presented to the problem of steady, axisymmetric flow of an inviscid fluid into a point sink. The fluid is of finite depth and has a free surface. Two numerical schemes, a spectral method and an integral ...