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  • Public attitudes to sex offenders in New Zealand

    Thakker, Jo (Routledge, 2010)
    Sexual offending is a topic that often invokes heated debate and strong opinions among individuals from all walks of life. Generally, those who commit crimes of a sexual nature are uniformly abhorred, especially those who ...
  • Rape treatment: An overview of current knowledge

    Thakker, Jo; Gannon, Theresa A. (Australian Academic Press, 2010)
    Sexual offending is frequently seen by the lay person as being a result of an innate abnormality that is relatively fixed and unchangeable. Accordingly, sexual offenders are seen as more likely to recidivate than other ...
  • Rape: Psychopathology, theory and treatment

    Gannon, Theresa A.; Collie, Rachael M.; Ward, Tony; Thakker, Jo (Elsevier, 2008)
    Whether treatment programs are effective at rehabilitating rapists is yet to be determined empirically. From a scientist–practitioner perspective, treatment should be based on an empirical understanding of rape and rapists, ...
  • Relapse prevention: A critique and proposed reconceptualisation

    Thakker, Jo; Ward, Tony (Australian Academic Press, 2010)
    Relapse prevention (RP) plays a significant role in current treatments and post-treatment approaches to substance abuse problems. It is also widely used in a number of other problem areas, including other addictive behaviours ...
  • "So why did you do it?": Explanations provided by Child Pornography Offenders

    Merdian, Hannah L.; Willson, Nick; Thakker, Jo; Curtis, Cate; Boer, Douglas Pieter (2013)
    Aim/ Background: There has been some professional discussion surrounding the "function" of child pornography offending for the individual offender: Why is someone looking at child pornography and what needs are met with ...