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  • Hypolithic microbial communities of quartz rocks from Miers Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

    Khan, Nuraan; Tuffin, Marla I.; Stafford, William; Cary, S. Craig; Lacap, Donnabella C.; Pointing, Stephen B.; Cowan, Don A. (Springer, 2011)
    The McMurdo Dry Valleys region of eastern Antarctica is a cold desert that presents extreme challenges to life. Hypolithic microbial colonisation of the subsoil surfaces of translucent quartz rocks represent a significant ...
  • Micro-eukaryotic diversity in hypolithons from Miers Valley, Antarctica

    Gokul, Jarishma K.; Valverde, Angel; Tuffin, Marla I.; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, Don A. (MDPI AG, 2013-02-22)
    The discovery of extensive and complex hypolithic communities in both cold and hot deserts has raised many questions regarding their ecology, biodiversity and relevance in terms of regional productivity. However, most ...
  • Molecular adaptations to psychrophily: the impact of ‘omic’ technologies

    Casanueva, Ana; Tuffin, Marla I.; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, Don A. (Elsevier, 2010)
    The ability of cold-adapted microorganisms (generally referred to as psychrophiles) to survive is the result of molecular evolution and adaptations which, together, counteract the potentially deleterious effects of low ...