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  • The impact of a product-harm crisis on marketing effectiveness

    van Heerde, Harald J.; Helsen, Kristiaan; Dekimpe, Marnik G. (INFORMS, 2007)
    Product-harm crises are among a firm’s worst nightmares. A firm may experience (i) a loss in baseline sales, (ii) a reduced own effectiveness for its marketing instruments, (iii) an increased cross sensitivity to rival ...
  • Incorporating context effects into a choice model

    Rooderkerk, Robert P.; van Heerde, Harald J.; Bijmolt, Tammo H.A. (American Marketing Association, 2011)
    The behavioral literature provides ample evidence that consumer preferences are partly driven by the context provided by the set of alternatives. Three important context effects are the compromise, attraction, and similarity ...
  • The long-term effect of marketing strategy on brand sales.

    Ataman, M. Berk; van Heerde, Harald J.; Mela, Carl F. (American Marketing Association, 2010)
    Few studies have considered the relative role of the integrated marketing mix (advertising, price promotion, product, and place) on the long-term performance of mature brands, instead emphasizing advertising and price ...
  • Return on roller coasters: A model to guide investments in theme park attractions

    van Oest, Rutger; van Heerde, Harald J. (INFORMS, 2010)
    Despite the economic significance of the theme park industry and the huge investments needed to set up new attractions, no marketing models exist to guide these investment decisions. This study addresses this gap in the ...
  • The sense and non-sense of holdout sample validation in the presence of endogeneity

    Ebbes, Peter; Papies, Dominik; van Heerde, Harald J. (2011)
    Market response models based on field-generated data need to address potential endogeneity in the regressors to obtain consistent parameter estimates. Another requirement is that market response models predict well in a ...