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  • The role of biomorphodynamics in estuarine evolution in New Zealand

    van Maanen, Barend; Coco, Giovanni; Swales, Andrew; Bryan, Karin R. (Blackwell Publishers, 2008)
    Biomorphodynamic interactions, the feedback loops that operate between physical processes, biology and morphology, affect the long-term evolution of estuaries. This paper outlines how consideration of such interactions and ...
  • The use of artificial neural networks to analyze and predict alongshore sediment transport

    van Maanen, Barend; Coco, Giovanni; Bryan, Karin R.; Ruessink, B.G. (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2010)
    An artificial neural network (ANN) was developed to predict the depth-integrated alongshore suspended sediment transport rate using 4 input variables (water depth, wave height and period, and alongshore velocity). The ANN ...