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  • Effect of intensive catchment and in-lake restoration procedures on phosphorus concentrations in a eutrophic lake

    Özkundakci, Deniz; Hamilton, David P.; Scholes, Paul (Elsevier, 2010)
    Lake Okaro is a small, warm monomictic lake in central North Island, New Zealand, which progressed from oligotrophic to eutrophic through the 1960s. Trends in phosphorus (P) concentrations in the lake are linked to multiple ...
  • Effects of a modified zeolite on P and N processes and fluxes across the lake sediment–water interface using core incubations

    Gibbs, Max M.; Özkundakci, Deniz (SpringerLink, 2011)
    A new locally produced P-inactivation agent, Z2G1, was tested on sediment cores from Lake Okaro, New Zealand, for phosphorus (P) removal efficacy and any non-target side effects prior to a whole lake trial to manage internal ...
  • Effects of climate change on New Zealand Lakes

    Goldman, Charles R.; Kumagai, Michio; Robarts, Richard D.; Hamilton, David P.; McBride, Chris G.; Özkundakci, Deniz; Schallenberg, Marc; Verburg, Piet; de Winton, Mary; Kelly, David; Hendy, Chris H.; Ye, Wei (Wiley, 2013)
    This chapter contains sections titled: -Introduction -Geographical and climate perspective -Historical climate -Future climate -Overview of lake types and formation processes -Climate change and impacts on endemic ...
  • Exploring, exploiting and evolving diversity of aquatic ecosystem models: A community perspective

    Janssen, Annette B.G.; Arhonditsis, George B.; Beusen, Arthur; Bolding, Karsten; Bruce, Louise; Bruggeman, Jorn; Couture, Raoul-Marie; Downing, Andrea S.; Alex Elliott, J.; Frassl, Marieke A.; Gal, Gideon; Gerla, Daan J.; Hipsey, Matthew R.; Hu, Fenjuan; Ives, Stephen C.; Janse, Jan H.; Jeppesen, Erik; Jöhnk, Klaus D.; Kneis, David; Kong, Xiangzhen; Kuiper, Jan J.; Lehmann, Moritz K.; Lemmen, Carsten; Özkundakci, Deniz; Petzoldt, Thomas; Rinke, Karsten; Robson, Barbara J.; Sachse, René; Schep, Sebastiaan A.; Schmid, Martin; Scholten, Huub; Teurlincx, Sven; Trolle, Dennis; Troost, Tineke A.; Van Dam, Anne A.; Van Gerven, Luuk P. A.; Weijerman, Mariska; Wells, Scott A.; Mooij, Wolf M. (Springer, 2015)
    Here, we present a community perspective on how to explore, exploit and evolve the diversity in aquatic ecosystem models. These models play an important role in understanding the functioning of aquatic ecosystems, filling ...
  • Hypolimnetic phosphorus and nitrogen dynamics in a small, eutrophic lake with a seasonally anoxic hypolimnion

    Özkundakci, Deniz; Hamilton, David P.; Gibbs, Max M. (SpringerLink, 2011)
    In situ estimates of sediment nutrient flux are necessary to understand seasonal variations in internal loading in lakes. We investigated the sources and sinks of nutrients in the hypolimnion of a small (0.33 km²), relatively ...

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