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  • Contribution of soil bacteria to the atmosphere across biomes

    Archer, Stephen D.J.; Lee, Kevin C.; Caruso, T; Alcami, A; Araya, JG; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, DA; Etchebehere, C; Gantsetseg, B; Gomez-Silva, B; Hartery, S; Hogg, Ian D.; Kansour, MK; Lawrence, T; Lee, CK; Lee, PKH; Leopold, M; Leung, Marcus H.Y.; Maki, Teruya; McKay, Christopher P.; Al Mailem, Dina M.; Ramond, J-B; Rastrojo, A; Šantl-Temkiv, T; Sun, HJ; Tong, X; Vandenbrink, B; Warren-Rhodes, Kimberley A.; Pointing, Stephen B. (2023-02-10)
    The dispersion of microorganisms through the atmosphere is a continual and essential process that underpins biogeography and ecosystem development and function. Despite the ubiquity of atmospheric microorganisms globally, ...