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  • A Holocene record of savanna vegetation dynamics in southern lowland Papua New Guinea

    Rowe, Cassandra; David, Bruno; Mialanes, Jerome; Ulm, Sean; Petchey, Fiona; Aird, Samantha J.; McNiven, Ian J.; Leavesley, Matthew; Richards, Thomas (Springer Nature, 2019)
    The southern lowlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are biogeographically distinct. Vast tracts of savanna vegetation occur there and yet most palaeoecological studies have focused on highlands and/or forest environments. ...
  • Moiapu 3: Settlement on Moiapu Hill at the very end of Lapita, Caution Bay hinterland

    David, Bruno O.; Aplin, Ken; Peck, Helene; Skelly, Robert; Leavesley, Matthew; Mialanes, Jerome; Szabó, Katherine; Koppel, Brent; Petchey, Fiona; Richards, Thomas; Ulm, Sean; McNiven, Ian J.; Rowe, Cassandra; Aird, Samantha J.; Faulkner, Patrick; Ford, Anne (ANU Press, 2019)
    The Caution Bay archaeological project on the south coast of mainland Papua New Guinea has excavated 122 sites over a 9 km² area. Lapita ceramics appear at a number of sites at c. 2900 cal. BP. Here we present the results ...