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  • Biomedical Ti-Cu-Mn alloys with antibacterial capability

    Alqattan, M.; Alshammari, Yousef Namlan; Yang, Fei; Peters, Linda M.; Bolzoni, Leandro (Elsevier, 2021)
    This study aims to develop Ti–Cu–Mn alloys with antibacterial capability for reducing the possibility of bacterial infection during biomedical implant surgeries. Ternary alloys were designed to be manufactured via powder ...
  • Ternary Ti alloys functionalised with antibacterial activity

    Bolzoni, Leandro; Alqattan, M.; Peters, Linda M.; Alshammari, Yousef Namlan; Yang, Fei (2020)
    Prosthesis bacterial infection occurring during surgery is a rising health issue. Pathogenic bacterial infection causes inflammation, interferes with the healing process, inhibits osteogenesis and, eventually, leads to ...

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