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  • Benefit sharing: Why inclusive provenance metadata matter

    Golan, J; Riddle, KatieLee; Hudson, Maui; Anderson, J.; Kusabs, Natalie; Coltman, Tim (Frontiers Media, 2022)
    Fair and equitable benefit sharing of genetic resources is an expectation of the Nagoya Protocol. Although the Nagoya Protocol does not yet formally apply to Digital Sequence Information (“DSI”), discussions are currently ...
  • Relationships first and always: A guide to collaborations with indigenous communities

    Gardner-Vandy, K.; Scalice, D.; Chavez, J.C.; David-Chavez, D.M.; Daniel, K.J.; Gonzales, E.; Lee, A.; Waterhouse, J.; Yracheta, J.M.; Gorospe, G.; Goordial, J.; Hudson, Maui; Carroll, S.R.; Williams, J.; McCoy, T.J.; Cadue-Blackwood, C.; Atencio, J.; Seyler, L.; Carron, A.; Cabrol, N.; Anderson, J.; Kirk, M. (American Astronomical Society, 2021)
    Relationship building between Indigenous communities and scientists must be the foundation of all collaborations. Agencies should fund initiatives in relationship building and create an Office of Tribal relations as a ...