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  • An Antarctic hot spot for Fungi at Shackleton's Historic Hut on Cape Royds

    Blanchette, Robert A.; Held, Benjamin W.; Arenz, Brett E.; Jurgens, Joel Allan; Baltes, Nicolas; Duncan, Shona Margaret; Farrell, Roberta L. (Springer Science Bus Media BV, 2010)
    The historic expedition huts located in the Ross Sea Region of the Antarctic and the thousands of artifacts left behind by the early explorers represent important cultural heritage from the “Heroic Era” of Polar exploration. ...
  • Introduced and indigenous fungi of the Ross Island historic huts and pristine areas of

    Farrell, Roberta L.; Arenz, Brett E.; Duncan, Shona Margaret; Held, Benjamin W.; Jurgens, Joel Allan; Blanchette, Robert A. (Springer Verlag, 2011)
    This review summarizes research concerning Antarctic fungi at the century-old historic huts of the Heroic Period of exploration in the Ross Dependency 1898–1917 and fungi in pristine terrestrial locations. The motivation ...
  • Screening fungi isolated from historic Discovery Hut on Ross Island, Antarctica for cellulose degradation

    Duncan, Shona Margaret; Minasaki, Ryuji; Farrell, Roberta L.; Thwaites, Joanne M.; Held, Benjamin W.; Arenz, Brett E.; Jurgens, Joel Allan; Blanchette, Robert A. (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    To survive in Antarctica, early explorers of Antarctica's Heroic Age erected wooden buildings and brought in large quantities of supplies. The introduction of wood and other organic materials may have provided new nutrient ...