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  • Hamilton-Jacobi Theory and Superintegrable Systems

    Armstrong, Craig Keith (The University of Waikato, 2007)
    Hamilton-Jacobi theory provides a powerful method for extracting the equations of motion out of some given systems in classical mechanics. On occasion it allows some systems to be solved by the method of separation of ...
  • Modeling focused acceleration of cosmic-ray particles by stochastic methods

    Armstrong, Craig Keith; Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Craig, Ian J.D. (Institute of Physics -IOP, 2012)
    Schlickeiser & Shalchi suggested that a first-order Fermi mechanism of focused particle acceleration could be important in several astrophysical applications. In order to investigate focused acceleration, we express the ...
  • Topics in Energy Release and Particle Acceleration in the Heliosphere

    Armstrong, Craig Keith (University of Waikato, 2014)
    This thesis investigates both the release of energy in solar flares, and the acceleration and transport of particles in various astrophysical situations. While numerical simulations are central to this thesis, these are ...
  • Viscous effects in time-dependent planar reconnection

    Armstrong, Craig Keith; Craig, Ian J.D.; Litvinenko, Yuri E. (EDP Sciences, 2011)
    Context. Viscous dissipation is expected to play a significant part in energy release in solar flares, yet the role of viscosity in a weakly resistive plasma of the solar corona remains unclear. Aims. We attempt to ...
  • Visco–resistive dissipation in transient reconnection driven by the Orszag–Tang vortex

    Armstrong, Craig Keith; Craig, Ian J.D. (Springer, 2013)
    Viscous effects are expected to significantly contribute to reconnective energy release mechanisms in solar flares. While simple scaling arguments based on head-on reconnection suggest that viscous dissipation may dominate ...

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