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  • HIV diagnoses in indigenous peoples: comparison of Australia, Canada and New Zealand

    Shea, Beverley; Aspin, Clive; Ward, James; Archibald, Chris; Dickson, Nigel; McDonald, Ann; Penehira, Mera; Halverson, Jessica; Masching, Renee; McAllister, Sue; Smith, Linda Tuhiwai; Kaldor, John M.; Andersson, Neil (Elsevier Ltd, 2011)
    In industrial countries, a number of factors put indigenous peoples at increased risk of HIV infection. National surveillance data between 1999 and 2008 provided diagnoses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders ...
  • Māori and indigenous views on R and R: Resistance and Resilience

    Penehira, Mera; Green, Alison; Smith, Linda Tuhiwai; Aspin, Clive (Nga Pae o Te Māramatanga, 2014)
    This article explores the development of Mäori and Indigenous frameworks of resilience, considering the impact of engaging with largely State- led notions of resilience on Mäori development. We highlight the closely linked ...
  • Mouri matters Contextualizing mouri in Māori health discourse

    Penehira, Mera; Smith, Linda Tuhiwai; Green, Alison; Aspin, Clive (2011)
    The vision statement of Te Reo o Taranaki, “Tuku reo, tuku mouri: language, culture, crossing generations”, embodies the essence of an understanding of mouri which goes beyond the simple dictionary translations of “life ...