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  • Chaos and irregularity in karst percolation

    Mariethoz, Gregoire; Baker, Andy; Sivakumar, Bellie; Hartland, Adam; Graham, Peter (American Geophysical Union, 2012)
    This paper focuses on analyzing chaos in cave percolation water drip rates, which has implications for flow routing in fractured media and on the use of speleothems for paleoclimate reconstructions. It has been shown that ...
  • Sulphate partitioning into calcite: Experimental verification of pH control and application to seasonality in speleothems

    Wynn, Peter M.; Fairchild, Ian J.; Borsato, Andrea; Spoetl, Christoph; Hartland, Adam; Baker, Andy; Frisia, Silvia; Baldini, James U.L. (Elsevier, 2018)
    Carbonate-associated sulphate (CAS) is a useful carrier of palaeoenvironmental information throughout the geologic record, particularly through its stable isotope composition. However, a paucity of experimental data restricts ...