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  • AS-Path Prepending: There is no rose without a thorn

    Marcos, Pedro; Prehn, Lars; Leal, Lucas; Dainotti, Alberto; Feldmann, Anja; Barcellos, Marinho (ACM, 2020)
    Inbound traffic engineering (ITE) - -the process of announcing routes to, e.g., maximize revenue or minimize congestion - -is an essential task for Autonomous Systems (ASes). AS Path Prepending (ASPP) is an easy to use and ...
  • Dynamic property enforcement in programmable data planes

    Neves, Miguel; Huffaker, Bradley; Levchenko, Kirill; Barcellos, Marinho (2021)
    Network programmers can currently deploy an arbitrary set of protocols in forwarding devices through data plane programming languages such as P4. However, as any other type of software, P4 programs are subject to bugs and ...
  • On the latency impact of remote peering

    Mazzola, Fabricio; Marcos, Pedro; Castro, Ignacio; Luckie, Matthew John; Barcellos, Marinho (Springer, 2022)
    Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) play an essential role in the Internet, providing a fabric for thousands of Autonomous Systems (ASes) to interconnect. Initially designed to keep local traffic local, IXPs now interconnect ...
  • Provable Non-Frameability for 5G Lawful Interception

    Boeira, Felipe; Asplund, Mikael; Barcellos, Marinho (ACM, 2023-05-29)
    Mobile networks have grown in size and relevance, with novel applications in areas including transportation, finance, and health. The wide use of mobile networks generates rich data about users, raising interest in using ...

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