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  • Findings from an in-depth annual tree-ring radiocarbon intercomparison

    Wacker, L.; Scott, E.M.; Bayliss, A.; Brown, D.; Bard, E.; Bollhalder, S.; Friedrich, M.; Capano, M.; Cherkinsky, A.; Chivall, D.; Culleton, B.J.; Dee, M.W.; Friedrich, R.; Hodgins, G.W.L.; Hogg, Alan G.; Kennett, D.J.; Knowles, T.D.J.; Kuitems, M.; Lange, T.E.; Miyake, F.; Nadeau, M.-J.; Nakamura, T.; Naysmith, J.P.; Olsen, J.; Omori, T.; Petchey, Fiona; Philippsen, B.; Bronk Ramsey, C.; Prasad, G.V.R.; Seiler, M.; Southon, J.; Staff, R.; Tuna, T. (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2020)
    The radiocarbon (¹⁴C) calibration curve so far contains annually resolved data only for a short period of time. With accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) matching the precision of decay counting, it is now possible to ...