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  • Applying generalized allometric regressions to predict live body mass of tropical and temperate arthropods

    Sohlstroem, Esra H.; Marian, Lucas; Barnes, Andrew D.; Haneda, Noor F.; Scheu, Stefan; Rall, Björn C.; Brose, Ulrich; Jochum, Malte (WILEY, 2018)
    The ecological implications of body size extend from the biology of individual organisms to ecosystem‐level processes. Measuring body mass for high numbers of invertebrates can be logistically challenging, making length–mass ...
  • Functional losses in ground spider communities due to habitat structure degradation under tropical land-use change

    Potapov, Anton M.; Dupérré, Nadine; Jochum, Malte; Dreczko, Kerstin; Klarner, Bernhard; Barnes, Andrew D.; Krashevska, Valentyna; Rembold, Katja; Kreft, Holger; Brose, Ulrich; Widyastuti, Rahayu; Harms, Danilo; Scheu, Stefan (Wiley, 2020)
    Deforestation and land‐use change in tropical regions result in habitat loss and extinction of species that are unable to adapt to the conditions in agricultural landscapes. If the associated loss of functional diversity ...
  • Spatial and temporal scales matter when assessing the species and genetic diversity of springtails (Collembola) in Antarctica

    Collins, Gemma Elyse; Hogg, Ian D.; Convey, Peter; Barnes, Andrew D.; McDonald, Ian R. (Frontiers Media, 2019)
    Seven species of springtail (Collembola) are present in Victoria Land, Antarctica and all have now been sequenced at the DNA barcoding region of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene (COI). Here, we review ...
  • Trade-offs between multifunctionality and profit in tropical smallholder landscapes

    Grass, Ingo; Kubitza, Christoph; Krishna, Vijesh V.; Corre, Marife D.; Musshoff, Oliver; Puetz, Peter; Drescher, Jochen; Rembold, Katja; Ariyanti, Eka Sulpin; Barnes, Andrew D.; Brinkmann, Nicole; Brose, Ulrich; Bruemmer, Bernhard; Buchori, Damayanti; Daniel, Rolf; Darras, Kevin F.A.; Faust, Heiko; Fehrmann, Lutz; Hein, Jonas; Hennings, Nina; Hidayat, Purnama; Hoelscher, Dirk; Jochum, Malte; Knohl, Alexander; Kotowska, Martyna M.; Krashevska, Valentyna; Kreft, Holger; Leuschner, Christoph; Lobite, Neil Jun S.; Panjaitan, Rawati; Polle, Andrea; Potapov, Anton M.; Purnama, Edwine; Qaim, Matin; Roell, Alexander; Scheu, Stefan; Schneider, Dominik; Tjoa, Aiyen; Tscharntke, Teja; Veldkamp, Edzo; Wollni, Meike (Nature Publishing Group, 2020)
    Land-use transitions can enhance the livelihoods of smallholder farmers but potential economic-ecological trade-offs remain poorly understood. Here, we present an interdisciplinary study of the environmental, social and ...