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  • Creative restrictions in student filmmaking: the Lessons of Dogme 95

    Barrett, Kyle (Ames, 2018)
    How do we approach media education in the current political climate? How do we teach students the importance of critical thinking when examining the media? The rise of movements such as #Me Too and Time's Up make media one ...
  • Inconsistent Cinema: Paul Thomas Anderson, There will be blood and the postmodern filmmaker

    Barrett, Kyle (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada, 2021)
    Paul Thomas Anderson’s early work up to and including There Will Be Blood (2007) are examples of incoherent, postmodern cinema. Anderson’s formative years produced four critically acclaimed features, Hard Eight (1996), ...
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - Challenging narrative and gender representation in the action genre

    Barrett, Kyle (2017)
    This article explores the key components that made "Mad Max: Fury Road" a subversive text within the action/post-apocalyptic genre. There will be a discussion of the film’s narrative (or lack of), Miller’s visual language ...
  • Smashing the small screen: David Lynch, Twin Peaks and reinventing television

    Barrett, Kyle (McFarland, 2017)
    Cult filmmaker reinvented the visual landscape of television with his series Twin Peaks. By applying his creative practices to network television production, Lynch turned the small screen in to a cinematic event that pulled ...
  • Three Illuminated Videos

    Barrett, Kyle; Krawczyk, Ilona; Cederblad, Charlotta Grimfjord (Open Library of the Humanities, 2021)
    Kyle Barrett, “Illuminated: Antisyzygy” (8:40) — Blending film and painting, the video postulates several questions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic via the notion of “antisyzygy” or the in-between state in which, globally, ...

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