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  • A case for examining the social context of frailty in later life

    Barrett, Patrick (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)
    This paper makes a case for examining late life frailty as a dynamic social phenomenon. There is increasing interest in the issue of late life frailty from biomedical researchers, but less so from researchers using the ...
  • The living environments of community-dwelling older people who become frail: another look at the living standards of older New Zealanders survey.

    Barrett, Patrick; Twitchin, Stephen; Kletchko, Sharon; Ryan, Faye (Ministry of Social Development, 2006)
    Efforts to support older people who live in the community and who become frail will be enhanced by a better appreciation of the shared characteristics of this group. This paper reports indicative findings from a re-analysis ...
  • Social inclusion through ageing-in-place with care?

    Barrett, Patrick; Hale, Beatrice; Gauld, Robin (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
    The onset of ill-health and frailty in later life, within the context of the policy of ageing-in-place, is increasingly being responded to through the provision of home care. In the philosophy of ageing-in-place, the home ...
  • Towards the 20 minute city

    Mackness, Kate; White, Iain; Barrett, Patrick (2021)
    THE IDEA OF a 20-minute city came out of Portland, Oregon, in the early 2010s. Melbourne added its own twist on the concept later in the decade. With the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the buzz around 20-minute ...

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