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  • Eccentric training interventions and team sport athletes

    McNeill, Conor; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; McMaster, Daniel Travis; Gill, Nicholas D. (MDPI, 2019)
    Eccentric resistance training has been shown to improve performance outcomes in a range of populations, making it a popular choice for practitioners. Evidence suggests that neuromuscular adaptations resulting from eccentric ...
  • Effect of drop jump training frequency on reactive strength in rugby athletes

    McMaster, Daniel Travis; Mayo, Brad; Stebbing, Thomas; Gill, Nicholas D.; McNeill, Conor; Beaven, Christopher Martyn (ICST, 2018)
    Background Jumping is a commonly used training modality to improve athletic performance and neuromuscular capabilities. The capacity to rapidly absorb eccentric forces and rapidly produce a concentric force within a ...
  • Effect of footwear on Y-Balance Test performance & risk categorisation

    Beaven, Christopher Martyn; O'Donnell, Shannon Lea; Hébert-Losier, Kim (2018)
    Introduction: The Y-Balance Test (YBT) assesses dynamic balance and screens for injury risk. However, there are inconsistent recommendations regarding footwear use during testing. Methods: Forty-two volunteers (26 females, ...
  • Effects of a caffeine-carbohydrate mouth rinsing on sprinting kinetics and kinematics in fasted athletes

    Washif, Jad Adrian; Beaven, Christopher Martyn (2018)
    Carbohydrate mouth rinsing during an intermittent fasting has been reported to be advantageous for endurance performance; however, there appears to be no clear effect on repeated sprints. What has not been investigated ...
  • The Effects of Chronic Cold Water Immersion in Elite Rugby Players

    Tavares, Francisco; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; Teles, Julia; Baker, Dane; Healy, Phil; Smith, Tiaki Brett; Driller, Matthew W. (Human Kinetics, 2018)
    Purpose: While the acute effects of cold water immersion (CWI) have been widely investigated, research analysing the effects of CWI over a chronic period in highly-trained athletes is scarce. The aim of this study was to ...