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  • Asian Transnational Families in New Zealand: Dynamics and Challenges

    Ho, Elsie; Bedford, Richard (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2008)
    Since the 1990s, Asia has emerged as the major contributor of migration flows into New Zealand. Settler migration, tourism, international business and more recently, international education make up the diverse flows of ...
  • Book review: ‘… when the long trick's over’: Donald Kennedy in the Pacific . By Mike Butcher

    Bedford, Richard (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    This article reviews the book ‘. . . when the long trick’s over’: Donald Kennedy in the Pacific. By Mike Butcher. Bendigo.
  • Changing sex ratios in New Zealand: Real change or a statistical problem?

    Callister, Paul; Didham, Robert; Bedford, Richard (Population Association of New Zealand, 2006)
    In New Zealand, in all age groups under 20, and in key working age groups, historically there have been more men than women. Life table data suggest that, without migration, the number of males should remain greater than ...
  • Demographic change and employment in the Central North Island, 1986-1996

    Bedford, Richard; Lidgard, Jacqueline; Mclaughlin, Bridget; Newell, James (University of Waikato, Population Studies Centre, 2001-04)
    This paper examines some dimensions of demographic and economic change in a region which is generally considered to be one of the most productive and affluent parts of New Zealand’s “heartland”. The paper highlights ...
  • Immigration futures: New Zealand in a global context

    Bedford, Richard; Ho, Elsie (Population Association of New Zealand, 2006)
    At no other time in the past century has there been such focused and intense global interest in international migration. Never before has there been such interest, internationally, in how Australia, Canada and New Zealand ...

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