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  • The resilience of Polar Collembola (Springtails) in a changing climate

    Beet, Clare R.; Hogg, Ian D.; Cary, S. Craig; McDonald, Ian R.; Sinclair, Brent J. (2022)
    Assessing the resilience of polar biota to climate change is essential for predicting the effects of changing environmental conditions for ecosystems. Collembola are abundant in terrestrial polar ecosystems and are integral ...
  • The Trichoptera barcode initiative: a strategy for generating a species-level Tree of Life

    Zhou, Xin; Frandsen, Paul B.; Holzenthal, Ralph W.; Beet, Clare R.; Bennett, Kristi R.; Blahnik, Roger J.; Bonada, Nuria; Cartwright, David; Chuluunbat, Suvdtsetseg; Cocks, Graeme V.; Collins, Gemma E.; deWaard, Jeremy; Dean, John; Flint, Oliver S.; Hausmann, Axel; Hendrich, Lars; Hess, Monika; Hogg, Ian D.; Kondratieff, Boris C.; Malicky, Hans; Milton, Megan A.; Moriniere, Jerome; Morse, John C.; Mwangi, Francois Ngera; Pauls, Steffen U.; Razo Gonzalez, Maria; Rinne, Aki; Robinson, Jason L.; Salokannel, Juha; Shackleton, Michael; Smith, Brian; Stamatakis, Alexandros; StClair, Ros; Thomas, Jessica A.; Zamora-Munoz, Carmen; Ziesmann, Tanja; Kjer, Karl M. (Royal Society Publishing, 2016)
    DNA barcoding was intended as a means to provide species-level identifications through associating DNA sequences from unknown specimens to those from curated reference specimens. Although barcodes were not designed for ...