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  • The 2nd workshop on active internet measurements (AIMS-2) report

    claffy, kc; Aben, Emile; Auge, Jordan; Beverly, Robert; Bustamante, Fabian; Donnet, Benoit; Friedman, Timur; Fomenkov, Marina; Haga, Peter; Luckie, Matthew John; Shavitt, Yuval (2010)
    On February 8-10, 2010, CAIDA hosted the second Workshop on Active Internet Measurements (AIMS-2) as part of our series of Internet Statistics and Metrics Analysis (ISMA) workshops. The goals of this workshop were to further ...
  • The impact of router outages on the AS-level internet

    Luckie, Matthew John; Beverly, Robert (ACM, 2017)
    We propose and evaluate a new metric for understanding the dependence of the AS-level Internet on individual routers. Whereas prior work uses large volumes of reachability probes to infer outages, we design an efficient ...
  • Network hygiene, incentives, and regulation: Deployment of source address validation in the internet

    Luckie, Matthew John; Beverly, Robert; Koga, Ryan; Keys, Ken; Kroll, Joshua A.; claffy, kc (ACM Press, 2019)
    The Spoofer project has collected data on the deployment and characteristics of IP source address validation on the Internet since 2005. Data from the project comes from participants who install an active probing client ...
  • The workshop on active Internet measurements (AIMS) report

    claffy, kc; Fomenkov, Marina; Katz-Bassett, Ethan; Beverly, Robert; Cox, Beverly A.; Luckie, Matthew John (2009)
    Measuring the global Internet is a perpetually challenging task for technical, economic and policy reasons, which leaves scientists as well as policymakers navigating critical questions in their field with little if any ...