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  • Developing young children's understanding of place-value using multiplication and quotitive division

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Bicknell, Brenda (International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics EducationPME, 2014)
    This paper focuses on selected findings from a study that explored the use of multiplication and division with 34 five- and six-year-old children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The focus of instructional ...
  • Gifted and talented education in New Zealand schools: A decade later

    Bicknell, Brenda; Riley, Tracy (The New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC), 2013)
    In 2004, the Ministry of Education released research investigating identification of and provisions for gifted and talented students in New Zealand Schools (Riley, Bevan-Brown, Bicknell, Carroll-Lind, & Kearney, 2004). ...
  • Investigating transitions in mathematics from multiple perspectives

    Bicknell, Brenda; Riley, Tracy (Springer, 2012)
    This paper reports on school transition for 15 mathematically gifted Year 6 and Year 8 students. The data are extracted from a longitudinal qualitative study that examined student and parent perspectives, and programme ...
  • The mathematical content knowledge and attitudes of New Zealand pre-service primary teachers

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Bicknell, Brenda; Mills, Judith Patricia (Mathematic Education Research Group of Australasia, 2012)
    This paper presents data on the mathematical content knowledge and attitudes of pre-service primary teacher education students. The assessment consisted of nine tasks, including 2-digit computations and proportional ...
  • Number-fact knowledge and mathematical problem-solving of five-to seven-year olds

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Bicknell, Brenda (The Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association, 2015)
    This paper examines children's number fact knowledge in relation to mathematics problem solving. These findings are derived from a study that set out to explore the impact on mathematics learning of using multiplication ...

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