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  • Additive manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V with added boron: Microstructure and hardness modification

    Jackson, Benjamin Ivan; Torrens, Rob; Bolzoni, Leandro; Yang, Fei; Fry, Mike; Mukhtar, Aamir (Trans Tech Publications, 2018)
    Titanium alloy composites with titanium boride (TiB) discontinuous reinforcement have shown improved performance in terms of strength, stiffness, and hardness. Producing this composite through selective laser melting (SLM) ...
  • Advancement in the pressureless sintering of CP titanium using high-frequency induction heating

    Raynova, Stiliana (Stella) Rousseva; Collas, Yan; Yang, Fei; Bolzoni, Leandro (Springer, 2019)
    High-frequency induction heating is applied as an alternative heating source for pressureless sintering of commercially pure Ti powders, aiming to intensify the sintering process. The effects of the process parameters on ...
  • Antibacterial Ti-Mn-Cu alloys for biomedical applications

    Alqattan, Mohammad; Peters, Linda M.; Alshammari, Yousef Namlan; Yang, Fei; Bolzoni, Leandro (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020)
    Titanium alloys are common biomedical materials due to their biocompatibility and mechanical performance. However, titanium alloys are expensive and, unless surface treated, generally cannot prevent surgical infections ...
  • Assessment of Plasma Deposition Parameters for DED Additive Manufacturing of AA2319

    Rodríguez-González, Paula; Neubauer, Erich; Ariza, Enrique; Bolzoni, Leandro; Gordo, Elena; Ruiz-Navas, Elisa María (MDPI AG, 2023)
    Arc-directed energy deposition using wire as feedstock is establishing itself as a 3D printing method capable of obtaining additively manufactured large structures. Contrasting results are reported in the literature about ...
  • Biomedical Ti-Cu-Mn alloys with antibacterial capability

    Alqattan, M.; Alshammari, Yousef Namlan; Yang, Fei; Peters, Linda M.; Bolzoni, Leandro (Elsevier, 2021)
    This study aims to develop Ti–Cu–Mn alloys with antibacterial capability for reducing the possibility of bacterial infection during biomedical implant surgeries. Ternary alloys were designed to be manufactured via powder ...

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