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  • The advent of the Anthropocene in Australasia.

    Bostock, Helen C.; Lowe, David J.; Gillespie, Richard; Priestley, Rebecca; Newnham, Rewi M.; Mooney, Scott D. (Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA), 2015-07-21)
    As early as the late 19th Century, several scientists had suggested that humans were starting to influence the physical environment of planet Earth (e.g. Marsh, 1864; Stoppani, 1873; Arrhenius, 1896; Chamberlain, 1897). ...
  • The Anthropocene: an Australasian perspective and survey.

    Lowe, David J.; Bostock, Helen C. (New Zealand Society of Soil Science, 2015-06-02)
    In 2000, Crutzen and Stoermer suggested that the Holocene (the geological period of time since 11,700 years ago: Walker et al., 2009) had finished and that humanity had now entered the “Anthropocene”. As summarised by ...
  • Quaternary research in New Zealand since 2000: an overview

    Bostock, Helen C.; Lowe, David J.; Newnham, Rewi M.; Almond, Peter C. (Australasian Quaternary Association, 2012)
    With the AQUA milestone of 30 years it seems an appropriate time to review the progress and achievements of Quaternary research in New Zealand. This article highlights some of the major achievements since the formal review ...

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