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  • Airborne bacterial populations above desert soils of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

    Bottos, Eric M.; Woo, Anthony C.; Zawar-Reza, Peyman; Pointing, Stephen B.; Cary, S. Craig (Springer, 2014-01)
    Bacteria are assumed to disperse widely via aerosolized transport due to their small size and resilience. The question of microbial endemicity in isolated populations is directly related to the level of airborne exogenous ...
  • Biotic interactions are an unexpected yet critical control on the complexity of an abiotically driven polar ecosystem.

    Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Laughlin, Daniel C.; Bottos, Eric M.; Caruso, Tancredi; Joy, Kurt; Barrett, John E.; Brabyn, Lars; Nielsen, Uffe N.; Adams, Byron J.; Wall, Diana H.; Hopkins, David W.; Pointing, Stephen B.; McDonald, Ian R.; Cowan, Don A.; Banks, Jonathan C.; Stichbury, Glen; Jones, Irfon; Zawar-Reza, Peyman; Katurji, Marwan; Hogg, Ian D.; Sparrow, Ashley D.; Storey, Bryan C.; Green, T.G. Allan; Cary, S. Craig (2019)
    Abiotic and biotic factors control ecosystem biodiversity, but their relative contributions remain unclear. The ultraoligotrophic ecosystem of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, a simple yet highly heterogeneous ecosystem, is a ...
  • The inter-valley soil comparative survey: the ecology of Dry Valley edaphic microbial communities

    Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Barbier, Béatrice A.; Bottos, Eric M.; McDonald, Ian R.; Cary, S. Craig (Nature Publishing Group, 2011)
    Recent applications of molecular genetics to edaphic microbial communities of the McMurdo Dry Valleys and elsewhere have rejected a long-held belief that Antarctic soils contain extremely limited microbial diversity. The ...
  • Nematodes in a polar desert reveal the relative role of biotic interactions in the coexistence of soil animals.

    Caruso, Tancredi; Hogg, Ian D.; Nielsen, Uffe N.; Bottos, Eric M.; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Hopkins, David W.; Cary, S. Craig; Barrett, John E.; Green, T.G. Allan; Storey, Bryan C.; Wall, Diana H.; Adams, Byron J. (2019)
    Abiotic factors are major determinants of soil animal distributions and their dominant role is pronounced in extreme ecosystems, with biotic interactions seemingly playing a minor role. We modelled co-occurrence and ...
  • Rapid microbial dynamics in response to an induced wetting event in Antarctic Dry Valley Soils

    Niederberger, Thomas D.; Bottos, Eric M.; Sohm, Jill A.; Gunderson, Troy; Parker, Alex; Coyne, Kathryn J.; Capone, Douglas G.; Carpenter, Edward J.; Cary, S. Craig (Frontiers Media SA, 2019)
    The cold deserts of the McMurdo Dry Valleys (MDV), Antarctica, host a high level of microbial diversity. Microbial composition and biomass in arid vs. ephemerally wetted regions are distinctly different, with wetted ...