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  • Accuracy bounds for ensembles under 0 - 1 loss.

    Bouckaert, Remco R. (Dept. of Computer Science, 2002-06-01)
    This paper is an attempt to increase the understanding in the behavior of ensembles for discrete variables in a quantitative way. A set of tight upper and lower bounds for the accuracy of an ensemble is presented for wide ...
  • Bayesian network classifiers in Weka

    Bouckaert, Remco R. (Department of Computer Science, 2004-09-01)
    Various Bayesian network classifier learning algorithms are implemented in Weka [10].This note provides some user documentation and implementation details. Summary of main capabilities: _Structure learning of Bayesian ...
  • A comparison of methods for estimating prediction intervals in NIR spectroscopy: Size matters

    Bouckaert, Remco R.; Frank, Eibe; Holmes, Geoffrey; Fletcher, Dale (Elsevier, 2011)
    In this article we demonstrate that, when evaluating a method for determining prediction intervals, interval size matters more than coverage because the latter can be fixed at a chosen confidence level with good reliability. ...
  • Conditional density estimation with class probability estimators

    Frank, Eibe; Bouckaert, Remco R. (Springer, 2009)
    Many regression schemes deliver a point estimate only, but often it is useful or even essential to quantify the uncertainty inherent in a prediction. If a conditional density estimate is available, then prediction intervals ...
  • Efficient algorithms for conditional independence inference

    Bouckaert, Remco R.; Hemmecke, Raymond; Lindner, Silvia; Studený, Milan (2010)
    The topic of the paper is computer testing of (probabilistic) conditional independence (CI) implications by an algebraic method of structural imsets. The basic idea is to transform (sets of) CI statements into certain ...