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  • 35,000 years of hydrological variability in northern New Zealand from speleothem magnetism

    Fox, Bethany; Lascu, Ioan; Harrison, Richard; Breitenbach, Sebastian; Hartland, Adam (2018)
    Speleothem magnetism is the study of the origin and geo-enviromagnetic significance of magnetic minerals in speleothems. Allogenic magnetic particles are transported to speleothem sites from soils and sediments by hydrological ...
  • Local and distant Pacific climate signals in cave hydrochemistry: Waipuna cave, New Zealand

    Nava, Cinthya; Hartland, Adam; Fox, Bethany; Kwiecien, Ola; Gazquez, Fernando; Breitenbach, Sebastian (2018)
    In this study, the preliminary results of monitoring at Waipuna cave, New Zealand, are introduced to support the development of speleothem paleoclimate archives of long-term variability in the El Niño-Southern Oscillation ...
  • Towards a quantitative proxy of cave dripwater hydrology

    Hartland, Adam; Hu, Chaoyong; Enge, Gabriel; Zitoun, Rebecca; Lehto, Niklas; Salmanzadeh, Mahdiyeh; Fox, Beth R.S.; Dosseto, Anthony; Breitenbach, Sebastian (2018)
    Speleothems capture a wide range of geochemical signals related to hydroclimate variability. However, the quantification of climatic parameters (e.g. rainfall, temperature) using traditional proxies is hampered by the ...