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  • Closing in on the oxygen isotopic fractionation factor between calcite and water using natural carbonates

    Breitenbach, Sebastian F.M.; Hartland, Adam; Brall, Niels S.; Sharp, Warren D.; Gazquez, Fernando (2019)
    The oxygen isotopic fractionation between water and calcite is the cornerstone for estimating the formation temperature of calcite [1, 2, 3]. The oxygen isotope thermometer is one of the most valuable tools in geothermometry, ...
  • Lignin oxidation products in soil, dripwater and speleothems from four different sites in New Zealand

    Heidke, Inken; Hartland, Adam; Scholz, Denis; Pearson, Andrew; Hellstrom, John C.; Breitenbach, Sebastian F.M.; Hoffmann, Thorsten (Copernicus GmbH, 2021)
    Lignin oxidation products (LOPs) are widely used as vegetation proxies in climate archives, such as sediment and peat cores. The total LOP concentration, Σ8, provides information on the abundance of vegetation, while the ...
  • Pacific climate reflected in Waipuna Cave drip water hydrochemistry

    Nava-Fernandez, Cinthya; Hartland, Adam; Gázquez, Fernando; Kwiecien, Ola; Marwan, Norbert; Fox, Bethany; Hellstrom, John C.; Pearson, Andrew; Ward, Brittany; French, Amanda; Hodell, David A.; Immenhauser, Adrian; Breitenbach, Sebastian F.M. (Copernicus GmbH, 2020)
    Cave microclimate and geochemical monitoring is vitally important for correct interpretations of proxy time series from speleothems with regard to past climatic and environmental dynamics. We present results of a comprehensive ...