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  • Beach response to a sequence of extreme storms

    Coco, Giovanni; Senechal, Nadia; Rejas, A.; Bryan, Karin R.; Capo, S.; Parisot, J.P.; Brown, Jenna A.; MacMahan, Jamie H.M. (Elsevier, 2013)
    A sequence of daily beach surveys acquired over one month covering an area larger than 100,000 m2, was analyzed to study morphological changes resulting from a cluster of storms. The beach response was highly variable in ...
  • Dynamique de la zone de swash : influence de la marée et de la morphologie sur les paramètres du run-up

    Enjalbert, Camille; Senechal, Nadia; Bryan, Karin R.; Coco, Giovanni; MacMahan, Jamie H.M.; Brown, Jenna A. (Editions Paralia CFL, 2012)
    The impact of tide and morphology on run-up parameters in dissipative conditions is assessed, using high-frequency video observations. The infragravity run-up is dominant and shows variations of about 60% during an entire ...