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  • Compensating for ecological harm - the state of play in New Zealand

    Brown, Marie Amanda; Clarkson, Bruce D.; Stephens, R. T. Theo; Barton, Barry (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2014-01-01)
    Ecological compensation involves measures to create positive conservation outcomes intended to offset the residual impacts of development (e.g. restoration planting, pest control). Rarely, however, have the exchanges ...
  • Ecological compensation: an evaluation of regulatory compliance in New Zealand

    Brown, Marie Amanda; Clarkson, Bruce D.; Barton, Barry; Joshi, Chaitanya (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Ecological compensation is an example of a trade-off whereby loss of natural values is remedied or offset by a corresponding compensatory action on the same site or elsewhere, determined through the process of Environmental ...
  • Towards Robust Exchanges: Evaluating Ecological Compensation in New Zealand

    Brown, Marie Amanda (University of Waikato, 2014)
    Ecological compensation is commonly employed but rarely evaluated around the world. In order to assess application of the tool in New Zealand, a systematic nationwide review was undertaken. The research used a combination ...

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