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  • Are flow-vegetation interactions well represented by mimics? A case study of mangrove pneumatophores

    Horstman, Erik M.; Bryan, Karin R.; Mullarney, Julia C.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Eager, Christopher Andrews (Elsevier, 2018)
    Arrays of real mangrove pneumatophores (i.e. aboveground pencil roots) and artificial dowel mimics were constructed in a laboratory flume to examine differences in canopy flow dynamics. Compared to the uniform-height dowel ...
  • Beach response to a sequence of extreme storms

    Coco, Giovanni; Senechal, Nadia; Rejas, A.; Bryan, Karin R.; Capo, S.; Parisot, J.P.; Brown, Jenna A.; MacMahan, Jamie H.M. (Elsevier, 2013)
    A sequence of daily beach surveys acquired over one month covering an area larger than 100,000 m2, was analyzed to study morphological changes resulting from a cluster of storms. The beach response was highly variable in ...
  • Blind testing of shoreline evolution models.

    Montaño, Jennifer; Coco, Giovanni; Antolínez, Jose A.A.; Beuzen, Tomas; Bryan, Karin R.; Cagigal, Laura; Castelle, Bruno; Davidson, MarkA.; Goldstein, Evan B.; Ibaceta, Raimundo; Idier, Déborah; Ludka, Bonnie C.; Masoud-Ansari, Sina; Méndez, Fernando J.; Murray, A. Brad; Plant, NathanielG.; Ratliff, Katherine M.; Robinet, Arthur; Rueda, Ana; Sénéchal, Nadia; Simmons, JoshuaA.; Splinter, Kristen D.; Stephens, Scott; Townend, Ian; Vitousek, Sean; Vos, Kilian (2020)
    Beaches around the world continuously adjust to daily and seasonal changes in wave and tide conditions, which are themselves changing over longer time-scales. Different approaches to predict multi-year shoreline evolution ...
  • Buried Alive or Washed Away The Challenging Life of Mangroves in the Mekong Delta

    Fagherazzi, Sergio; Bryan, Karin R.; Nardin, William (The Oceanography Society, 2017)
    Mangroves colonize tropical shorelines, protecting coastal communities and providing valuable ecosystem services. Mangroves associated with deltas cope with a very dynamic environment characterized by strong gradients in ...
  • A commentary on coastal research in New Zealand universities

    Kench, Paul S.; Bryan, Karin R.; Hart, Deirdre E.; Kennedy, David M.; Hilton, Michael J. (Wiley, 2008)
    University research in coastal geomorphology, processes and management has made a major contribution to the fundamental understanding of coastal systems in New Zealand over the past 43 years. This article examines the ...

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