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  • The dynamics of expanding mangroves in New Zealand

    Horstman, Erik M.; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Bryan, Karin R.; Bulmer, Richard H.; Mullarney, Julia C.; Stokes, Debra J. (Springer, 2018)
    In contrast to the global trend of mangrove decline, New Zealand mangroves are rapidly expanding, facilitated by elevated sediment inputs in coastal waters as a consequence of large-scale land use changes following European ...
  • Influence of land-derived stressors and environmental variability on compositional turnover and diversity of estuarine benthic communities

    Clark, Dana; Stephenson, Fabrice; Hewitt, Judi E.; Ellis, Joanne I.; Zaiko, Anastasija; Berthelsen, Anna; Bulmer, Richard H.; Pilditch, Conrad A. (Inter-Research Science Center, 2021)
    It can be challenging to differentiate community changes caused by human activities from the influence of natural background variability. Using gradient forest analysis, we explored the relative importance of environmental ...